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If you consider that you have 23 discs in your back designed to take the brunt of the wear and tear along your spine, it’s no wonder that painful disc problems can develop over time. The team of specialists at Medical Wellness Group in La Quinta, California, uses the latest technology and equipment to tackle disc problems, reducing your pain while increasing your ability to move freely. To get set up with a medical clinic specialist, call or go online for an appointment.

Disc Conditions Q & A

What are spinal discs?

Along the length of your spine is a series of 23 discs: Six in your neck, 12 in your middle back, and five in your low back. These discs act as shock absorbers along your spinal column and prevent your vertebrae from rubbing together, thanks to their rubbery exteriors and jelly-like interiors.

What are the most common disc problems?

Many problems can affect the disc in your spine. Chief among them are the following:

Herniated disc: When a disc herniates, it leaks some of its contents, irritating the surrounding nerves. The most common result of a herniated, or pinched, disc is sciatica pain. The sciatica is the largest nerve in your body and travels down each leg from your lower back. When a disc herniates and causes irritation to this nerve, you may feel pain all the way down either leg as a result.

Disc degeneration: Degeneration in your discs is a natural part of aging, and most often occurs in your low back and neck. For some, the degeneration can lead to painful conditions, such as arthritis, a herniated disc, or spinal stenosis.

Stenosis: Spinal stenosis refers to a narrowing of your spinal canal, which puts pressure on the nerves that run through the canal.

Bulging Disc: As you age, the cartilage on the outside of your discs wears down, dehydrates, and stiffens, causing your discs to flatten and extend outside of the circumference of your vertebrae. This condition often precedes a herniated disc and may irritate the surrounding nerves.

What is the best treatment for disc problems?

The medical professionals at Medical Wellness Group strive to find solutions for your disc problems, solutions that are noninvasive, safe, and effective. For this reason, they choose to offer spinal adjustments and the latest technology in spinal decompression: the Kennedy Neuro-Flex decompression table.

Spinal decompression therapy is a traction-based therapy that uses a harness attached to a cable and pulley to create negative pressure to your damaged disc tissue.

The Kennedy Neuro-Flex table is unique because it offers a variety of different positions, allowing the doctor to customize an approach that is best for your body.  The doctor determines the best positioning option for you based on your condition and comfort level.

To find out how spinal decompression and spinal adjustments can address your disc problems, make an appointment at Medical Wellness Group today.