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What to Expect

Welcome to our warm and friendly medical office where we take a team approach to meeting your health care needs. For each patient, we hold group meetings to discuss the case. A case manager, physician assistant, chiropractor and physical therapist will discuss your case and evaluate what treatment is needed.

Your Arrival to Our Medical Office

When you walk in our door, you will be greeted by one of our friendly staff members. If appropriate, our staff will obtain your insurance information. Once the confidential health information form is complete, you will be escorted to the consultation room.

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Determining the Care You Need

Our case manager will initially meet with you to discuss what health concerns have brought you in. During the consultation, your health information will be gathered. You are encouraged to ask any questions you might have. Our physician assistant, who will be managing your care, will perform a thorough examination. To help manage your pain, a prescription may be written and dispensed from our in-house pharmacy.

Your first visit usually takes about an hour.

A follow-up appointment is scheduled in which the physician assistant will review the results of your examination with you. In the interim, during a team meeting, the physician assistant, chiropractor, physical therapist and case manager will determine if your case is a medical one, or if it would benefit from physical therapy, chiropractic care or a combination of each. A treatment program with the goal of fixing the problem, not just treating your symptoms, will be presented. Depending on the case, you may or may not receive physical therapy and your first chiropractic adjustment.

Follow-up Appointments

Because no two patients are exactly alike, care for follow-up visits will vary. You will typically receive some rehab in the form of physical therapy or physiotherapy, chiropractic care, and injections, if necessary.

Discover your best health with our comprehensive approach to health care. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. Insurance is accepted.

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