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Solutions to Joint Degeneration and Tears

Regenerative Amniotic Allograft (stem cells, growth factor, hyaluronic acid and cytokines) at Medical Wellness Group, Inc

At Medical Wellness Group, Inc, we take a unique approach to your health. By staying up to date with the latest and greatest advancements in our field, we’re able to proudly bring our patients the best care possible. Our team is happy to announce that we’re now offering patients a new treatment to improve their health and wellness while reducing pain called Amniotic Allograft.

What Is Amniotic Allograft?

An Amniotic Allograft is a new, FDA approved treatment that injects donated healthy birth placental tissue containing stem cells, growth factor, hyaluronic acid and cytokines into an injured area to help repair and regrow healthy tissue, leading to a quicker and healthier recovery. After you receive Amniotic Allograft, your body will only regenerate what it needs to prosper, which may be cartilage, ligament, tendon, muscles, discs, bones or nerves. Unlike other treatments available today that simply mask painful symptoms like steroid injections, undergoing an Amniotic Allograft is completely natural and beneficial to your body. In fact, there is no chance of rejection!

How Long Does Treatment Take?

We’re pleased to now perform Amniotic Allograft therapy in our own practice. The entire treatment takes just 15 minutes and requires no anesthesia or hospital stay along with very limited recovery—patients can return to their everyday lives and work immediately. After undergoing the treatment, patients typically notice a functional improvement in the injured area roughly 1-3 months following the injection. If you’re dealing with pain in your body and haven’t noticed much improvement, ask us if an Amniotic Allograft is right for you.

Learn More Today

If you think you may be a candidate for an Amniotic Allograft or would like to learn more about what natural and effective chiropractic care can do for your family, contact our practice today for more information.

We look forward to helping you on your journey to health!

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