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Frequently Asked Questions

Like other La Quinta chiropractors, we hear many questions from new and current chiropractic patients. Here are some of the most common questions and answers…

How much is a chiropractic adjustment?

FAQ'sThe cost of chiropractic care depends on if you are using insurance and your insurance policy limitations. We are more than happy to prepare a financial plan for you that will give you a better idea to help you budget for your care.

How much time does it take for a typical visit?

A Chiropractic adjustment will range from 10-20 minutes, while additional therapies we may provide such as spinal decompression or physical therapy would typically range up to 60 minutes.

Do you work with medical doctors?

Yes. As a La Quinta CA chiropractor we feel it is important to work closely with medical doctors in order to support the patient and his/her quest for wellness.

Do you have a family plan?

Yes. We do our best to accommodate families so they can receive the chiropractic care they need.

If you have questions not answered here, give us a call.

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